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Audiophile Masters

Octave Audiophile Masters bring new music and fresh talent through the highest-quality recordings in high-resolution formats including pure DSD on SACD, DSDDirect Mastered virgin vinyl single-pressings, as well as PCM. Octave Audiophile Master series utilizes the world’s finest studio equipment, based on DSD recording, mixing, and mastering.


Contemplative, romantic. Pure country from the heart. Levelland is the follow-up album recorded exclusively for Octave Records after Bonnie and Taylor’s 2021 smash hit, ‘I See Red’.

Audiophile Masters Volume 2

Our best compilation yet, Audiophile Masters II is a sonic treasure filled with reference quality recordings captured in pure DSD and available as a SACD containing the direct master recording, playable on any CD or DVD player, plus a bonus DVD data disc containing all the master files for you to copy to your hard…

Things Worth Remembering

One of the best albums of 2021, Clandestine Amigo’s second album is filled with melody, harmony, rhythm, and heart. This is one of the best recordings yet at Octave Records and we can’t wait to share it with you. Original music, beautifully penned and crafted by one of America’s most talented songwriters, Jessica Carson. Grab…

Ragtime World

A knock your socks off rock and roll album that you won’t want to stop listening to. From their foot-tapping driving beats to their haunting melodies, Augustus never ceases to surprise and delight with their unpredictable power. Perfectly captured in pure DSD, this is Octave Record’s first rock album and one we’re proud as hell…

Bach Cello Suites

Octave Records is both proud and excited to release one of the world’s greatest works of music by one of the world’s most celebrated musicians. The Bach Cello Suites, recorded in both two-channel and 5-channel surround in a magnificent live hall in pure DSD is performed by Zuill Bailey, widely considered one of the premiere…

The Nature of Things

If you love great music, then this is the album for you. The Nature of Things is the kind of release that gets music lovers talking and feet tapping. This is one hell of an album that we at Octave Records are excited to share with you. Brilliant songwriting, powerful vocals, and by far one…

Audiophile Masters Volume 1

Volume One of the Audiophile Masters has something for every music lover that wants to stretch the sonic limits of their system. Recorded exclusively on the multitrack Sonoma DSD and mastered by Gus Skinas, each of these musical gems will become essential listening material.

Say Somethin’

From one of the best jazz quartets in town comes a spectacular Audiophile Master, Say Somethin’ from trumpeter Gabriel Mervine. Without question, one of the best jazz recordings yet made, this wonderful Octave Records release will help set the standard for how an intimate musical session can sound. Gabriel Mervine’s Say Somethin’ is a musical conversation in the language…

The Audiophile’s Guide

It’s here! The Audiophile’s Guide. Paul McGowan’s landmark book that along with the Audiophile’s Reference Music disc offers a step-by-step guide to three-dimensional audio from 2-channel speakers. Ever wonder how to get your speakers to disappear? What or how to budget for a system? How to listen? This is the book for you.

Audiophile Reference Music

It’s here! The ultimate Reference Music setup disc. The companion to Paul McGowan’s landmark book, The Audiophile’s Guide, this amazing disc is a must-have in anyone’s library. From simple setup, burn-in, minor to major system tweak, or challenging your stereo with these stunning musical tracks, this is the perfect disc.

Hey Joe | Red Meat

Blues artist, Otis Taylor’s award-winning opus in highest sonic clarity. This blues/rock tapestry includes Otis’ distinctive interpretation of the iconic American song and thematic explorations of human actions and their consequences in a 10-song suite. Tension and release abound in this hypnotic harmonic weave.

Temporary Circumstances

Octave Records Master Series, a true audiophile recording. From the first note to the last, you’ll not be able to stop listening. Gorgeous melodies, rich harmonies, full-bodied instrumentation, and detailed recordings without compression or affectation. It’s as if you are in the room with the artists.

Out of Thin Air

Octave Records Master Series furthers the state of the art in musical reproduction. An original DSD recording from piano master Don Grusin. It’s a sonic stunner, in CD, high res and DSD. Nothing short of amazing, both musically and sonically.

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